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Transforming a legacy operating model to unlock working capital, increase efficiency, and more.


The company is a A leading global adhesives technology business serving the needs of a wide range of customers across the Asia pacific region. continued to struggle with the increasing complexity and expense of operating its current fulfilment and distribution model.


The legacy model requires the company to produce and store the entire range of products for all its customers.  As business grow so does the complexity to manage and fulfill orders.  This in turn causes rising cost, and the need for higher working capital.  The company needs a more efficient way to do business.


The specific task was to focus on identifying solutions that would improve efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce costs across the operating model.



We approach the challenge led with a design thinking approach, interviewing working closely with senior management, operations team, customers, and partners. This enabled us to quickly gain a deeper understanding of the customer needs and identify key challenges present at each touchpoint as we mapped the order fulfilment and distribution journey. We were able to map the entire journey, its touch points, and customer expectations


This human centered approach design and problem solving quickly identified the key pain points throughout the operating journey model. Following which we adopted a rapid and iterative prototyping phase, leading us to recommend a radical departure from the current operating model.



Rather than relying on pre-ordered packing materials and packaging SKU’s, based on historical order volumes, new orders are now processed in real time. The shipping packaging is produced on site the spot and determined by the quantity and type of material ordered.


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